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Rappy McRapperson

Milk and eggs and so much more… this guy is funny as a drunk rolling down a flight of stairs. No one has so skillfully mocked rap since Milli Vanilli, only this guy is doing his audience the favor of letting them in on the joke from the get-go.

If you haven’t heard anything from Rappy McRapperson, you will in short order. Take a trip with him to the “Grocery Store”, and while you’re there, don’t forget the “Fish Sticks.”



One thought on “Rappy McRapperson

  1. Hey thanks Man!! Also, be sure to DL the newer stuff!! there a bunch of free torrents going around…”For the Kids in juvenile detention” is the latest release.

    Posted by Baby Rappy | February 4, 2011, 9:39 pm

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