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This is why I won’t be a nice guy anymore.

I’ve been letting someone crash on my couch for a little while now. I did it because he’s a friend, he had nowhere else to go and on the particular night I agreed to it, it was freezing cold and raining. But I’m seriously getting weary. I have a 15 page research paper due tomorrow … Continue reading

Rappy McRapperson

Milk and eggs and so much more… this guy is funny as a drunk rolling down a flight of stairs. No one has so skillfully mocked rap since Milli Vanilli, only this guy is doing his audience the favor of letting them in on the joke from the get-go. If you haven’t heard anything from … Continue reading

Temporary roommate blues 2

Also worth mentioning — the constant, nauseating sound of someone hocking up a lunger. YAY.

Temporary roommate blues.

Nice enough kid, but there are a few problems. First, he uses up every bit of tobacco or caffeine I manage to bring into the house. And I’m the only one bringing either into the house. Sure, he paid $200 to crash here for the month, but he’s well on his way to using up … Continue reading

What The Fuck Is Wrong With Republicans?

Mark Sanford? Is that how his name is spelled? Who cares. What is wrong with these people? What is their problem? Family values? Do any of these morons actually value their families? The Republican Party made huge jabs at Bill Clinton over his infidelity – I really never gave a crap about the infidelity, personally. … Continue reading

Anti-Thinking Campaign By Musicians Heats Up, Even More Retarded Names Threatened

The war on common sense took a dire turn today as musicians from The United States and other countries vowed to induct performers with increasingly retarded monikers into their ranks in response to the Amazon Kindle and similar devices. Said recording artist Poo Diddle-Diddle, “These devices threaten to resurrect the specter of literacy and with … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

On Second Thought…

…watch this space for blog entries, after all. There still won’t be a lot of them, but I’ll be using Windows Live Writer for blogging, and from time to time I just might remember to post to both Strictly Commercial (my main blog) and this blog, too. So… yeah. So there.

Don’t expect much here.

I do most of my blogging on WordPress. There’s an application that’ll tie my WordPress blog into this space, but don’t look to see much from me posted directly on the space itself. Just a head’s-up.